From time to time, we’ll address questions relating to our expansion project if we’ve heard them from more than a few people. If you’d like to submit any questions, please let Loretta know or send it to

Q:   Who’s CS4L and what’s “Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball”?
A:    CS4L is the acronym for Court Sports 4 Life, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with two functions: operating the Tennis & Pickleball Center and expanding the facilities. On the operations side we legally do business as (dba) “Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball” for clarity but Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball is not a separate legal entity.

Q:   I’m a tennis-only player, so how does this expansion help me?
A:    Having a large new indoor pickleball building will help tennis players by dedicating the existing tennis building to strictly tennis. (Currently, tennis courts 5 & 6 are taped and set up for pickleball most of the time.) The building will be less noisy; there will be more room to grow tennis programs for youth, adults and community groups; and managing the Tennis Center will be much more efficient.

Q:   It looks like the current 8 outdoor pickleball courts are reverting back to tennis. Does that mean we lose them for pickleball?
A:    Actually, these 8 outdoor pickleball courts are simply being relocated so they can be spaced further apart for safety and a better playing experience. Phase 1 of the expansion project will also build 12 additional pickleball courts that will initially be available for outdoor play. As fundraising progresses, a metal building will be built over those courts in Phase 2 to provide year-round indoor play, our ultimate goal!

Q:   What happens if enough money isn’t raised for Phase 1? (Phase 1 adds 12 pickleball courts, relocates 8 pickleball courts, and rebuilds 4 tennis courts.)
A:    We have just passed the $1.9 million mark towards the $4.75 million projected cost of Phase 1. Combined with a construction loan that will be serviced through increased operating revenue, that leaves approximately $1.5 million to raise by early 2022 in order to start Phase 1. With several exciting prospects we have been working wih, we are confident that we’ll get there!

Q:   What happens if money isn’t raised for Phase 2? (Phase 2 adds a steel building, Welcome Center and mezzanine.)
A:    Phasing the project is designed so that if future phases are delayed as funds are raised, each completed phase still provides significant facility improvements. One possibility is to further divide Phase 2 where Phase 2a adds a steel building over the 12 new pickleball courts (estimated cost $2.5 million) and Phase 2b builds out the Welcome Center, including a mezzanine above the courts much like the current tennis building (estimated cost $2.85 million).

Q:     If I make a pledge now, when will I be asked for a payment?
A:      All along, we have promised not to ask for pledge payments until we reach 50% of our fundraising goal … and we’re now there! The City of Steamboat Springs approval process wis well underway and we fully expect to undertake Phase 1. We will be emailing donors with outstanding pledges in late October to ask for your payment (or your first one, if yours is a multi-year pledge).

If you have not made a pledge or donation, please consider doing so now to make sure Phase 1 can start in Spring 2022! Online pledges can be made at Donations by credit card can be made via that webpage as well but we would very much appreciate checks to avoid paying credit card fees.

Thank you!