The extraordinarily high click-through rate to last week’s article “Why A New Pickleball Center is Good For Tennis” tells us that there’s a lot of interest in this project and that there is a thirst for more information. This week’s article by Court Sports 4 Life (CS4L) board chair Steve “Moz” Modzelewski will focus on the design process – what the design goals are, who’s involved, and where we are in the process. As always, we want to hear your questions and comments, so please continue to send them to, which forwards to both Loretta and CS4L staffer Debbie Modzelewski.

Like last week, the article is long so here are just the questions; please click here to read the answers. The article starts with the follow-up questions we received after last week’s article –

  • What are the numbers behind the statement “tennis court rentals, on the other hand, actually declined a little from 2018 to 2019”?
  • If indoor tennis court rentals are currently only at 38%, do we really need more indoor courts available?
  • Giving up two outdoor clay tennis courts is a concern to some. Are the June 2020 usage numbers for courts #7 and #8 of 7% and 3% an accurate indicator given these unusual times?
  • How much would fixing the clay court watering system cost?
  • How does changing the organizational structure change or improve the funding of maintenance or capital improvements to the Tennis Center?  
  • What assurances are provided by the city that prevents them from selling or re-purposing the land? How long would the lease be?

The rest of the article talks about the design process for the new Pickleball Center –

  • What are the design goals?
  • Where are we now with the design?
  • How can you be fundraising when the design isn’t final?