Please Note: all Shootouts will be postponed until further notice due to Covid restrictions.

Interested in a 68 year old+, Super Senior Shootout? Please email Marcy at and let her know!


October 4.0/4.25 & 4.5+ Sunday Shootout – pictures to follow

There was a new format for the 4.5+ level, and we had 2 substitutions. And it was still fun! What a great way to enjoy some healthy competition with friends and family!

Congrats to all our winners!


Ricky Jenkins & Charlie Reynolds – 1st Place

Grant Hendricks and Grant Serafy – 2nd Place

Rick Garth and Julie Schwerin – 3rd Place


Lexi Jensen & Carolyn Jenkins – 1st Place

Derek Modzelewski & Terry Ostrom – 2nd Place

Julie Howell & Stephen Modzelewski (aka Moz) – 3rd Place


Thank you everyone for playing! And congrats to our families that had multiple winners!


January 31st: 3.5/3.75 9am-1pm, 3.25 1pm-5pm

February 28th: 4.0/4.25 9am-1pm, 4.5+ 1pm-5pm

March 28th: 3.25 9am-1pm, 3.5/3.75 1pm-5pm

April 25th: 4.5+ 9am-1pm, 4.0/4.25 1pm-5pm

May 30th: 3.5/3.75 9am-1pm, 3.25 1pm-5pm