Join us for our first outdoor shootout of the year!

Weather permitting, we will hold our next shootout on May 2nd outside!

When: Sunday, May 2nd:
9am-1pm: 3.25 all genders, mixed
1pm-5pm: 3.5/3.75 all genders, mixed

• Cost: $30 Per Person
• 2 Divisions: 32 players per division

Register online, by signing up at the front desk or calling 970-879-8400! Click here for details on how to register online.

How it works:

Each person will be randomly placed into a group of 4. An individual will play 3 games with that group, keeping track of the points they earn with various partners in each game. Each individual will report their total points earned in those three games, and all point totals will be tallied. We will have 3 rounds of this type of play.
After these rounds, the 4 players with the highest scores will now play each other, keeping their same partner, best 2 out of 3 games. Those with the first round scores that were the 5th to the 8th highest will play each other, and so on. All games will be timed, with 4 hours allotted for each division.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I receive a medal if I win?
A: Instead of medals, players will receive a “pickleball punch card” that they will get stamped after each shootout they participate in. For every 3 stamps they get to attend a free 1.5 hour drill with Sean. The “reward” drill would be held twice per year, once in December and once in June.

Q: Will I play for the whole 4 hours?
A: Yes, and everyone will play in the final best 2 out of 3.

Q: I’m higher than a 4.0, will there be a shootout for me?
A: Yes, we alternate divisions, so your division will play in at the end of May.

Interested in a 65 year old+, Super Senior Shootout, coming this June? Please email Marcy at and let her know!


May 30th: 4.0/4.25 9am-1pm, 4.5+ 1pm-5pm

June 13th: Senior 65 yo+

June 27th: 3.5/3.75 8am-12pm, 3.25 12pm-4pm

July 25th: 4.5+ 8am-12pm, 4.0/4.25 12pm-4pm

Up Next: 4.0/4.25 and 4.5+ divisions

March 28th results

4.5+ division

1st Place Louis Nijsten and Chris Montgomery

2nd Place Sean Pummill and Lexi Jensen

3rd Place Dan Riley and Rick Garth

Great job to all our players!

4.0/4.25 division

1st Place Earl Swanson and Steve “Moz” Modzelewski

2nd Place Debbie Modzelewski and Jill Starr

3rd Place Kyle Craig and Nick Bortolani

Great job everyone!