From the head of the Play It Forward Fundraiser, Rose Alford:

The Play It Forward Mission is to raise awareness about rare cancer in our community and help raise money to accelerate progress in rare cancer research, bringing new and better treatment options and hope for the individuals and families.

This is also personal. Many of you know my husband, Matthew Alford. He has been battling a rare form of cancer for over 9 years now. He’s undergone six surgeries, four types of chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. The cancer is metastatic and continues to come back. To say that these past nine years have been stressful and energy depleting is putting it mildly. Our son Trout has known his dad to have cancer more than not. Throughout this journey, however, our family continues to adventure, laugh, love, and hope for a long future together. But we need real solutions, and we need it now.

We are choosing to raise funds for research at Memorial Sloan Kettering and hope you’ll consider joining the cause and making a donation. We are also hosting two super fun community events in Steamboat Springs this summer!

The goal is that you have an awesome time playing AND feel great about being a part of raising funds for rare cancer. We are encouraging all registered players to raise $500 (or more) with all proceeds going to Memorial Sloan Kettering, the leading rare cancer research and treatment hospital in the country. Let’s get out to the Steamboat community (and beyond!) to raise awareness and funds to accelerate progress in rare cancer research, bringing new and better treatment options and hope for the individuals and families.

Everyone who raises $500 or more will be eligible for Steamboat-cool prize drawings! 

What is a shootout?

Players are placed in a group of 4 and play 3, 13-minute games. They do this 3 times, each time with a different partner, 9 games total. Each player tries to accumulate the most points, with a final round of games that will be a seeded, best 2 out of 3 match. We will employ a classic equalizing method for games that don’t finish in 13 minutes to make the final match-up as fair and fun as possible.

How do I register?

Click here to log in to your account, go to the Drills, Events & Play page and look for the Pickleball Play it Forward Shootout fundraiser. There are 2 divisions: 3.25-3.75 and 4.0-4.25. JUST ADDED: 4.5+ players will have their own division, 12:30-4:30. Text Head Pickleball Pro Sean Pummill if you have any questions on leveling. Once you have the shootout in your cart, don’t forget to click on the Home page button to pay. Otherwise you’re not registered!

You can also use the new Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball app on your phone (click on Classes and search for the shootout) or call the front desk at 970-879-8400.