Court Sports for Life (CS4L), formed as a 501 C-3 nonprofit in 2020, is excited for the future of Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball. Phase 1 of the expansion has progressed well and there are players now enjoying  new outdoor pickleball and tennis courts. Phase 1 will be completed in 2023 and plans look promising that Phase 2 will begin in 2023. CS4L donors and volunteers have made this success a reality. We are grateful for the collaboration shown on this massive project!

Another large challenge faces our organization in 2023. A professional inspection of the current tennis building recently showed that not only is the membrane (fabric covering the metal frame) years past it’s life expectancy, but the insulation and HVAC system are in very poor condition. The City of Steamboat Springs has indicated that they want to turn over the facilities of Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball to CS4L in good working condition. They have agreed to pay $500,000 towards the expected $520,000 cost to replace the membrane. CS4L is now asking that the City also contribute $500,000 to the insulation and HVAC replacement costs by awarding us funds from the 2A Reserves. Read our entire request below.

Please help voice your opinion on this request. Email Steamboat City Council today! The discussion regarding 2A Funds Reserves is November 1.

                                                A Request for Additional Deferred Maintenance Funding
                                            for the City of Steamboat Springs Tennis & Pickleball Center

First, an update with some good news on our capital improvement projects:

• Phase 1 of our privately-funded outdoor expansion project is proceeding with essentially no
hiccups. (So far – knock on wood!) Four new tennis courts and eight new pickleball courts are
being surfaced and gel-coated now, hopefully playable by the end of the month. Foundation
work on what will be the indoor Pickleball Center with its 12 courts plus converting the existing
8 pickleball courts back to tennis should be completed this year as well.

• Phase 2 fundraising for the indoor pickleball building has made significant advances in the last
few weeks. We are now starting a push to raise $1.6M by mid-October; if successful, we hope to
pull the trigger to undertake and complete Phase 2 in 2023!

• Renovation of the Tennis Center will be coordinated for CS4L by Curtis Mayse (CEO of SOSI).
Under his guidance, we hope to replace the existing tennis fabric structure and ancillary systems
in 2023 as well.

The inspector of the tennis building has concluded that the existing membrane has reached the end of
its usable life. Furthermore, the inspector found serious deficiencies in the insulation, particularly at the
gable ends, and significant inadequacies in the existing almost 20-year-old HVAC system. Consequently,
we would like to undertake the membrane replacement project as soon as possible, and include
restoration of the insulation and replacement of the HVAC system in the project. We are attaching the
proposal from Rennie Turner describing the basis of his recommendation to undertake these repairs.

Membrane replacement cost is estimated to be $520,000 – consistent with our previous estimate of
$500,000, which was the basis of the City’s commitment to fund $500,000 to the project. (We have
been told that this amount is already included in the 2A trails/recreation budget.)
However, restoring and upgrading the insulation is estimated to cost $220,000. Although much of the
insulation is still serviceable, the gable ends need to be re-insulated, and gaps need to be filled in the
main section of the membrane. Given the poor design (heating the large space from the top!) and
advanced age of the existing HVAC system, we believe a much more energy efficient system should be
installed at the same time as the membrane replacement, at an estimated cost of $245,000.

Our Request
We respectfully ask the City to provide an additional $500,000 to defray the costs of insulation and
HVAC improvements in keeping with the spirit of the agreement between CS4L and the City to deliver
the facilities “in good order, repair and condition.” Section 6 specifically states that “latent defects are
the City’s responsibility to repair.”

For its part, CS4L will bear the associated “soft” costs of the renovation project (general contractor,
consultants, etc.), although we would ask that the City again pay for permit fees payable to the City, as is
the case for our current expansion project. (CS4L would be responsible for permit and other fees
payable to other entities, again, like our current agreement.) Furthermore, CS4L will concurrently pay to
replace the existing lighting in the tennis building with energy efficient (and long lasting) LED fixtures, at
an approximate cost of $75,000. (We only ask that the City advise us on potential grant sources for such
an energy-saving upgrade.)

Finally, we would like to remind everyone that once the pickleball building is completed, CS4L will be
responsible for all maintenance and repairs to the entire City of Steamboat Springs Tennis & Pickleball
Complex, including year-round grounds maintenance (and snowplowing!), relieving the City of annual
costs of roughly $100,000. In addition, CS4L will be responsible for resurfacing the interior courts in the
next 3-5 years, at an estimated cost of $80,000.

CS4L is proud to partner with the City in providing a world class recreational facility that serves such a
large portion of our local community as well as attracts visitors from across the country. Granting this
request for an additional $500,000 to fund deferred maintenance will allow this jewel in Steamboat’s
treasure chest to shine even brighter!

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Modzelewski (“Moz”), Board Chair
Loretta Conway, Executive Director