When life presents us with tragedies it takes extraordinary measures to recover. Kathy Fader spent most of her life in a successful business career, that took her around the world due to her expertise that was so valued by her employer.
Jim and Kathy raised their son Tyler, in the Steamboat way with a good school, friends, sports, hunting, and fishing with Dad, and the love parents shower over their children. When it was time for Tyler to continue his education and build a career, Denver was the logical choice. Tyler excelled in Computer Technology, landed a great job, and decided to plan for a future family. While expecting his first child, tragedy hit, and Tyler lost his life.
For a loving parent to lose their only child, it is the hardest a mother can endure. Kathy lives with this agony, always asking the question of what could have been done differently, or where to go next with such immense grief. Kathy recalls “ I put one foot in front of the other, went to work, but felt that I lived in another world.” Her retirement did not help, either. But one day she re-connected with tennis instructor Lynne Meyers who coaxed her into trying tennis. Since Kathy’s sister, Cindy, loved tennis, it beckoned her to try it.
Still shy, anxious, and withdrawn Kathy gave it a try, and started to come to the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center. Sure enough, it opened up a new world to her, taking lessons with Lynne Meyers and Loretta Conway. Connecting with old and new friends, becoming active, which she had not done since playing Ice Hockey, has allowed her to find a new path.
Now playing tennis two or three times a day, on some days, and by taking lessons, playing in leagues, competing in tournaments with sister Cindy, and allowing light into her life, Kathy is a new person. The weight has literally and figuratively come off her, thanks to nutrition coach and tennis instructor Karen Connell, as well.
When playing tennis with her husband, Jim, one day, a chance meeting with Loretta Conway, channeled Kathy’s days even further, and with her vast accounting and computer skills, she quickly became the bookkeeper for the Center and treasurer for the Steamboat Tennis Association.
Our love and respect for this wonderful woman will hopefully continue to shine a light on her life. When asked how her path could help others, Kathy suggests what has helped her, finding a passion, not being afraid to ask for help, and taking one day at a time. There is no question that Kathy has found her tribe and family at the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center, where love pours out to her, and her hard work and dedication will always make her part of the tennis family.