In 2020 and 2021, when children couldn’t go to school because of the lockdown, they went to the Boys and Girls Club. And when the Boys and Girls Club could no longer come to the Center, pickleball coach Marcy Pummill went to them. Here’s what Liz Wood, Program Director for The Boys & Girls Club of Steamboat Springs, CO, had to say about that experience and what those visits meant to them:
    COVID was a very difficult time for The Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Colorado. We tried to navigate to the best of all of our abilities, but it was definitely rare to have organizations willing to come to our Steamboat Club with the restrictions in place. With children having their schooling schedules differing greatly, we decided to keep the Club open all day. We blocked out a few hours each morning to help the kids with their homework, but I feared that education would take a back seat to a great majority. We all knew that their focus and development needed to be addressed.
    One of our solutions was to quickly revive our schedule to accommodate more movement and activity time. We had plenty of gym activities but nothing quite on the scale that Marcy offered. She would come every week to give our kids an experience that they might otherwise never have. And brought her own equipment! It was like night and day with our kids – their focus during homework time heavily increased and school became a topic that wasn’t dreaded.
    Once we set a weekly schedule with Marcy, we would rotate similar age groups into our gym while she was here so everyone had a chance to play. Marcy would adjust how she taught our kids based on the age group and I have to say, if a child was reluctant at first, they definitely weren’t by the end of the hour. 
    More fun was had in that gym during COVID than I could have ever imagined. No amount of thanks to Marcy and the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center will suffice to me. Now that we are less restricted, Marcy and I have arranged to have 2 weekly visits per week this summer in order to nurture the skills that our kids have acquired during COVID. And this is all requested by the kids when I ask about top field trips they’d love to go on. 
Thank you Marcy and everyone at Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball for keeping our kids excited about life here in Steamboat!